Amara Hammond Care Home Interiors: The Clue’s in Our Name

Here at Amara Hammond, we tend to get a lot of questions about the meaning behind the name of our care home interiors business. In our first blog, we share some of the story behind our choice of name. Keep reading to find out!

When we start to make contact with a client, we’re often asked about the name behind Amara Hammond: “Who is she? Is she one of your ancestors? Where did you dream that name up from?”

Whilst we didn’t dream the name up, we did put a lot of thought into the name behind our new business venture. No – it isn’t the name of our great aunt, and it isn’t our mothers’ maiden name? So, what’s the story?

It’s really quite simple. At the launch of our care home interiors business, we set ourselves two key objectives. Firstly, we wanted it to sound like a real person’s name that we could put as a signature to the unique services we provide. Secondly, we wanted to have some real meaning that ties into our mission values.

Let’s look at our name in detail for a little bit of context. The term ‘Amara’ originates from the African-American meaning of the word, which is ‘kindness’ and ‘care’. This works perfectly in terms of reflecting our values at heart, based around creating safe and caring interiors.

Separately, the origins of the name ‘Hammond’ mean ‘house’ or ‘home’. Our choice here really reflects our intention to create interiors that anyone could feel at home in, wherever they are.

And hence, Amara Hammond was born. We’d love to know what you think about the story behind our brand.

Amara Hammond Care Home Interiors: Get Started Today

When it comes to Amara Hammond Care Home Interiors, the secret’s in our name: we create safe, comfortable and social care spaces that serve as real homes to residents. To get started with your interiors project, reach out to us today!