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Who We Are

Here at Amara Hammond, we’re more than interior designers. We bring together years of experience supporting the private care sector, creating spaces that are safe, ambient & totally bespoke.

Real comfort – both physical and visual – is an essential in any care environment. The care of our loved ones shouldn’t come at the expense of support, nor should it sacrifice on style. We make these visions a reality by creating tranquil care environments that strike a harmonious balance between infection control requirements and user welfare. From initial consultation through to delivery & installation, we provide the expertise you need to create a compassionate and considered community. Caring doesn’t have to be clinical. Create a warm, familiar & sophisticated environment with Interiors by Amara Hammond.

Video Testimonial

When we worked with Amara Hammond throughout the project, they were very good at hand holding. They sorted out all the deliveries, fitting, ordered all the paints and linked to the furniture and styles. Spoke to the contractor, I thought that was brilliant. I like the fact they could deal with everything. I would recommend Amara Hammond mainly because the way they worked with us. We had a good conversation around what I was looking for, a very honest conversations and very easy to work with.

Adam Hutchison – Managing Director Belmont Healthcare

Our Services

Spaces are for living. From personalised consultations through to furniture selection & conceptual design, Amara Hammond transforms care environments into sanctuaries.

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What Our Customers Say
Russell Pillar
Amara Hammond is led by Russell Pillar, an accomplished interior designer with over 18 years of experience working within the Care Sector. Russell combines a passion for bespoke design with a strong knowledge of care homes and their changing requirements, creating sanctuaries for those closest to us. From classic hotel aesthetics to relaxed, retro vibes, Russell creates homes that are comfortable, compliant and built to last.
Inviting Interiors

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. Equally, caring for our loved ones should focus on support that is genuine, enriching and meaningful. Interiors by Amara Hammond combines these principles by creating vibrant, positive and homely interiors that place the happiness, welfare and comfort of their users at their heart.

Designed for living

When it comes to meaningful care environments, style should not compromise on support. From conceptual designs through to spatial planning and furniture selection, Interiors by Amara Hammond creates civilised environments that are caring and built to last. We create homes that are designed for living – just one of the reasons why we’re trusted by care organisations across the country.