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Here at Amara Hammond, we pride ourselves on our personalised approach to each and every project we commit to.

We’re driven by the objective of providing a flexible level of service to our clients, and we’ve made this a defining principle across our years of experience with interior design in the private sector.

When it comes to meaningful care interiors, flexibility is key. That’s why we’re happy to work in tandem with your preferred interior design, or to manage the whole project on your behalf. Regardless of your plans or design visions, we can work seamlessly with your team to create a beautiful space that is suited to your spatial, budgetary and operational requirements.

Step 1

Initial Consulation

Here at Amara, we understand that care environments may not understand the best approach until they understand the full range of options available to them. That’s why we pledge to launch every project with a detailed consultation, meeting to establish the overall aims of the project and to discuss & share any initial design ideas. At this stage, we identify the budget and fitout element of the project.

Step 2

Design Proposal

Following on from the Initial Consultation stage, Amara Hammond works with the client to build a comprehensive Design Proposal encompassing all areas of the care environment that require furniture and fittings; including living spaces, bedrooms, reception areas and corridors. Once we’ve agreed on furnishings, floorings, lighting and other aspects of interior design, we present it for client consideration and discuss initial feedback.

Step 3

Budget Overview

Once we are happy that the Design Proposal is on track and any necessary adjustments have been made based on client feedback, we then present a cost structure and ensure that we are achieving what we need to within the agreed budget. If the project is not yet at a stage where we can undertake a site measure, we will present what we call ‘outline costings’ to which will be worked out based on architects drawings or estimations based on similar building designs or projects.

Step 4

Project Scheduling

Once the budget and inventory of items required to complete the project is agreed, we then agree on a day-by-day timeline for completion of the project, compiling a project schedule for the organised & effective installation of items into the premises. This gives the client a clear overview of the project, how it will be done and when it will be completed.

Step 5


In order to ensure the highest levels of compliance, comfort and support, Amara Hammond will carry out a site visit to your care home premises to carry out all pre-installation checks; including a full site measure of all windows and check access points for delivery. Once these essential steps are taken, we’re ready to make your design vision a reality.

Step 6


The final step sees us moving onto the most exciting and rewarding aspect of your project, when Amara Hammond delivers a stunning interior fit out that places the welfare of its users as the priority.

The secret of genius is to carry youth into old age. The best way to impart the vivacity of youth is by immersing oneself in a vibrant environment that promotes real living. Interiors by Amara Hammond succeeds in bringing youth to the lives of the elderly, creating spaces that encourage conversation, new experiences and more social growth. We believe that old age can represent a beautiful new dawn - let us show you the way.

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