From a Care Operator’s Perspective: Top Tips for a Successful Refurbishment

Shan Visram is Director of Operations at Brookvale & Wavemill Healthcare, which runs nine care homes with over 300 beds across the south coast of England.  Here are Shan’s top tips for a successful refurbishment project.


1.Modernise and upgrade interiors to achieve multiple goals

“If you approach the project with the right attitude and the right planning, you will successfully drive up care standards, ensure compliance within your home, boost its appeal as a care facility and as a workplace, and enhance your reputation.”


2.Engage residents and key staff in design projects to optimise outcomes for all

“If design decisions are taken at a high level and your residents and staff don’t like them, or feel involved, it defeats the whole object of the project. By engaging residents and key staff you show that you value their input, understand their needs, and appreciate that the surroundings are designed to promote their safety, independence and wellbeing. This collaborative approach has helped us drive up staff engagement levels and improve outcomes.”


3. Design should be in keeping with the local area

“For our coastal homes, we chose designs, accessories and features in keeping with this theme. We’ve definitely found that locally-inspired design promotes the wellbeing of our residents, helping them reminisce and remain connected to the area that is so familiar to them.”


4. Consider both care and aesthetics

“Fabrics and furniture must be durable and hygienic – ideally anti-microbial to support infection control measures – but also modern, comfortable and pleasing on the eye. These attributes are simply not possible to achieve by procuring from high-street retailers, especially from the compliance angle.”


5. Choose your service provider wisely

 “Does your service provider take the time to understand your clients’ needs, your goals, your vision? Don’t just quizz them about price; ask their advice on style, care, compliance, layout; how they will engage your stakeholders; lead times; and their approach to project management.  Communication is key – can you get hold of them easily?”


Interiors by Amara Hammond were privileged to work with Shan on the large scale refurbishments of their care home in Fareham.
Article first published in the Care Home Environment Magazine, May 2023