Coniston Court

Coniston Court

Nestled in the idyllic East Sussex Countryside, Coniston Court stands as a picturesque building brimming with charm. We at Amara Hammond were privileged to showcase our abilities through this project, bestowing upon it the desired “wow” factor.

Our dedicated team embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment journey, reimagining the communal areas from top to bottom. Among our triumphs was the transformation of a weary office space into a stunningly peaceful quiet room, now cherished by residents and their families.

At Coniston Court, vitality thrives, and our collaboration with residents was a key aspect of this journey. Our specialization lies in tailoring designs to meet specific care needs, ensuring consistency throughout the entire process of design, refurbishment and project management.

Tanya shared her experience of working with us by saying:

“This is such an amazing transformation and looking forward to the next stages!


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Coniston Court in East Sussex


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